Hey hey fabulous entrepreneur, are you tired of being your industry's best kept secret?

Scale Your Impact & Income Through Speaking

and become a recognizable & trustworthy name in your field.



The Speak To Scale Method

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Success Path & Plan

Becoming an impactful speaker shouldn't be hard


I know YOU know that in order to grow your visibility, credibility, and income…

You need to, without hesitation, confidently be able to:


✔️ Speak about your brand
✔️ Attract your ideal client with a stand out message
✔️ Wow event hosts & participants
✔️ Deliver powerful presentations that not only transform your audience but helps sell out your paid offers.


Unfortunately, not speaking to your ideal audience regularly (and in the right way) is costing you BIG time:

Every single day that you’re not speaking to your ideal client… somebody else is

Every podcast interview, virtual stage, webinar class, or IG Live that doesn’t have YOU front and center… 

IS another opportunity for your competitor to swoop in, seduce your potential dream client, and share their message from the virtual rooftops.

(and you and I both know that the internet world moves pretty fast!) 

Without the practical skills you need to speak to connect, compel and in a way that captivates ...


❌ People will continue to ignore you
❌ Your ideal clients will join your competitor's programs
❌ Your business won't grow
❌ You'll keep second-guessing yourself
❌ You'll feel like you are wasting your time treading water
❌ You'll wonder if you are making an impact

As you can see, there's a lot riding on you stepping into the spotlight confidently with your expertise.

The question is, why aren't you? Because the speed at which your business accelerates over the next  6 -12 months rests solely on your answer to that question.

My guess is, it has to do with some beliefs you've picked up over the years.

Here are just a few:

Some false beliefs holding you back:

False Belief #1:

Speaking is not my thing

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

You’re listening to a presenter and thinking to yourself, “Wow she’s amazing - what a natural. How I wish I had a speaking talent. I just feel like any time I open my mouth I get tongue-tied and the words that fall out sound nothing like I imagined.”

If you think speaking is an inborn talent, you are not alone.

The problem is, most people are convinced that magnetic speakers are only good because they were born that way (Lady Gaga style). Wrong! 

I’ve got news for you, girl. The speakers you admire so much learned and crafted that skill ON PURPOSE. Which is really good news. Speaking like a seasoned pro is a learnable skill.

You don't need to be a naturally charismatic speaker ...

What you really need is speaking exercises and presentation techniques that give you the confidence to show up to every presentation feeling prepared! 

False Belief #2: 

I'm not expert enough 

Here's something I hear so often ...

“Yes, I’ve been able to build a successful brand but sometimes I still wonder if I’m expert enough to speak to an audience. I’m just not sure I belong there.”

Imposter syndrome is a b***h, isn’t it? 

I’m gonna deal it to you straight, most of the time we, ourselves, are our biggest enemies. We hold ourselves back more than anything or anyone else. The problem is that every time you say “no” to a speaking opportunity because of fear, you are literally handing the microphone and stage over to your competitor. 

The truth is, you are expert enough, you might not be able to demonstrate your expertise with your words, yet, but you are. 

You don’t need more expertise …

What you really need is a proven framework that teaches you how to speak on your topics in a way that showcases your brilliance and genius. You need a tangible roadmap. 

False Belief #3: 

I can wing it

Maybe you’ve had several opportunities to speak on a variety of stages. And you felt like your natural speaking ability carried you through. But after you stepped off the stage (or away from your computer screen) you …

  1. Started to second guess your presentation
  2. Forgot to share KEY points and stories
  3. Got claps but no clients
  4. Vowed that next time you will have a well-crafted speech

If you are that highly engaging presenter who is great at speaking but struggles knowing how to create a well-structured  speech, let me offer up a word of advice. 

There is a massive difference between speaking for entertainment and speaking for high impact. 

You don't need to wonder if your next talk will be a home run ...

What you really need is a repeatable structure for how to build a highly engaging and converting talk.




You don’t have to fake it till you make it. There's a simple system that can teach you everything you need to become a competent communicator who doesn’t just speak confidently -- you’ll actually know how to present in a way that grows your business.

Becoming a captivating communicator who sparks a fire in her audience AND converts her listeners into paying customers is a more ATTAINABLE than you think.

With the way our world is turning, the opportunities for speaking on more platforms are growing by the minute.

The odds for you to step into a bigger spotlight and in front of more audiences are skyrocketing. 

Just think of the quick and continued rise of virtual stages, apps like Clubhouse, Podcast, and Instagram (and many more). 

And in order to take full advantage of these “stages” and start getting more people into your signature programs - you need to know how to present your brand and the results you can deliver as a credible biz owner. 

(But, don't wait to have every part of your message figured out before you get going)


What if you...


✔️ Felt CONFIDENT any time you had the opportunity to speak about your offers

✔️ Were INVITED to present as a guest expert to FB groups, club house rooms, membership communities, and yes, even on live stages

✔️ TURNED every live video or webinar  into a payday

✔️ ADDED hundreds if not thousands of new subscribers to your email list

✔️ BOOKED multiple high-ticket dream clients as a result of a webinar presentation

✔️ LAUNCHED your signature program having sold every. single. seat. available.

✔️ And what if you KNEW exactly how to make all this happen?

If you are ready to become an impactful speaker...


Then you need to implement the critical Speak To Scale Method in every single talk and presentation you do.

(Steps you'll get inside the Speak To Scale Academy- more on that in a sec)

Why should you? Because they will help you ... 



Confusing your audience with your message or overwhelming them with word vomiting ... 🔜

Clearly communicate your brand message and creating content that attracts your ideal customer instantly!

Second-guessing yourself any time your have to deliver a presentation or webinar masterclass ... 🔜

Craft and deliver a presentation and talk that engages your audience as well as converts them into paying customers!

Frustrated because you don't know how to get your biz in front of more dream clients ... 🔜

Booking multiple live and virtual stages where you can WOW your ideal listeners with confidence in your strategy!

Now, you might be wondering who the heck am I to be making these promises ...


I'm Csilla (pronounced Cheela)

I've been a professional keynote speaker and performing artist for over 20 years. Speaking and performing on a 1,000 + stages has given me the unique opportunity to learn the art of powerful presentation.  

I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities, speaking to audiences of over 3,000 people at a time. Being flown internationally to deliver inspiring content for some of the most amazing organizations on the planet!  I don’t take this for granted. 

Today, with the help of my amazing team, I teach biz owners, online entrepreneurs and coaches how to leverage the power of speaking on stages to grow their visibility, credibility and income at the same time.

What makes me different from many of the other speaking experts is I’m obsessed with teaching my students the perfect blend of world-class speaking as well as masterful marketing knowledge. 

I believe sharing your brand voice and message on more platforms is your ticket to success and I’m determined to help you get there.

This is why I’m over the moon to introduce to you something I’ve created just with you in mind ...

Please put your hands together and help me welcome to the stage… (yes, pun intended)

the leading methodology for leaders, entrepreneurs and experts who want to scale their impact & income through speaking


So, what is the Speak To Scale Academy anyway?


The Speak To Scale Academy is the leading program that teaches you how to craft your stand out brand message, turn your message into a powerful presentation, take it to more audiences, and in the process attract more of your ideal customers. 

Going through this program will enable you to …

  • KNOW how to talk about your biz in a way that stands out, anytime you open your mouth

  • CAPTIVATE the attention of your audience without second-guessing yourself

  • PRESENT your message persuasively on any platform

  • CONVERT your audience into subscribers and paying customers

  • GET more guest speaking opportunities so you can attract new sales and high-ticket clients into your biz

  • TURN every speaking opportunity into a payday so you can build a sustainable business

Here's how 'The Speak To Scale Method' core training breaks down

#1 Success Mindset

Becoming a highly impactful speaker starts with developing a successful mindset. That is exactly where we begin the Captivating Speaker success journey.

#2 Magnetic Message

Having a clear and stand out message that you consistently share with your own audience as well as on stage is crucial. Creating an irresistible offer is just as crucial. We show you how to do both inside the Magnetic Message module.

#3 Stellar Structure

Once you are clear on your stand out message and magnetic offer, it's time to craft a powerfully persuasive presentation that moves people into action. Inside this module you'll learn the simple framework for creating a Stellar Signature talk.

#4 Captivating Delivery

You can craft the most refined talk and share amazing ideas. However, if the delivery sucks it won't really land with your audience. Once you have a great presentation prepared you've got to nail the delivery. This is the module where we turn you into presentation mogul.

#5 Scaling Your Authority

There’s a fine line between inspiring a room for a day, and getting them to take action that will impact their lives and your business for months and years to come. This is the module where you'll learn to sell with grace and elegance - without sounding like a robotic sales machine.

The core curriculum & trainings take the mystery out of growing your business through world-class speaking

and you get access to all of them inside Speak To Scale Academy.

✔️ Success Mindset

✔️ Stand Out Brand Message

✔️ Stellar Signature Talk

✔️ Magnetic Offer

✔️ Win With Stories

✔️ Mastering Stage Craft

✔️ Magnetic Voice

✔️ And more...

All to help you scale your influence and income through impactful speaking.

Let me show you what you get when you join Speak To Scale Academy ...



  • Access to the Speak To Scale Method core curriculum 
  • Two Live Q and A/Coaching calls with Csilla 
  • A clear path to help you become a highly confident speaker
  • Swipe files, tools and templates



  • Access to the Speak To Scale Method core curriculum 
  • Two Live Q and A/Coaching calls with Csilla 
  • A clear path to help you become a highly confident speaker
  • Swipe files, tools and templates
  • BONUS #1: The Strategic Speaker Workshop ($197 value)
  • BONUS #2: Access to Magnetic Messaging Made Simple Course ($297 value)

Word on the street...

Darla Morrison - Entrepreneur

"Before working with Csilla I didn't really know how to talk about my business. She really helped me clarify my elevator pitch and know exactly what I should say when I talk about my business. Csilla really is the queen of clear communication and the best teacher I've seen in a long time." 

Dr. Dee Ann Schnautz - Speaker

"Csilla is an encourager. She provides practical tips and step by step instruction for speaking both on a live or virtual stage. In addition, Csilla is a wonderful mentor and guide. If you need someone to help you become an effective speaker, Csilla can help."

Machelle Wells - Motivational Speaker

"I cannot say enough amazing things about Csilla. In the short 12 weeks that we've worked together she helped me set up my speaker website properly, she helped me find extreme clarity in my message and learn how to book myself as a speaker. The best coach I had so far."

Becoming an impactful speaker just got easier

The Speak To Scale Academy can help you grow your impact and income by teaching you how to captivate and compel with your spoken words.


Time for a little heart to heart ...


Let’s take a look at what not joining The Speak To Scale Academy might look like...
You’ll continue to work really hard but still not hit the number of sales or clients you’d like to see signing on to work with you. You’ll stay frustrated at how so many people still don’t know about your brand and all the amazing results you know you can offer. You’ll continue to feel stuck because of not having a clear plan for getting your message and brand in front of more people confidently.  
But that’s not the path I want for you. 
I want you to imagine with me for a moment. How would it feel to:
  • 2x, 5x or 10x the number of clients signing up to work with you?
  • Have a steady stream of speaking opportunities lined up for the next 6-12 months?
  • Know that any time you made a presentation it also meant you have a payday in your biz?
  • Attract those high-ticket dream clients you’ve been longing to work with?



Between you and I - I’ve created The Speak To Scale Academy to help people like YOU not only create exponential visibility and credibility for your biz by speaking on more platforms but to, also build a highly lucrative business in the process.

That’s why your investment inside The Speak To Scale Academy will ensure that you have a proven strategy to follow. A clear plan that will not only get you in front of bigger audiences but help bring in more sales and high-ticket clients quicker than you knew was possible. 

However, your window of opportunity is closing soon: In full transparency - this all goes away on October 12, 2021. Just like a college or university, enrollment is only open for a short period of time. Then I shift gears to focus on training and supporting all the new students who are ready to start and are committed to level up in their biz. And as a side note, this is also the ONLY time this program will be available at this cost. You have an opportunity to jump in at the ground level. 


You may be wondering…

Joining the Speak To Scale Academy is easy peasy ...

Get Access

Join today for just 3 easy payments of $397 to get access to the core methodology, live coaching with Q and A, and exclusive resources. 

Master The Essentials 

There are 5 parts to creating, delivering and magnifying any message. Success Mindset, Message, Crafting, Delivering and Scaling. We'll help you master them all.

Scale Your Business

Mastering world-class speaking isn't hard. You just need a guide. Get access to Speak To Scale Academy and feel confident that you can easily accelerate your business growth.

Let me show you what you get when you join Speak To Scale Academy ...



  • Access to the Speak To Scale Method core curriculum 
  • Two Live Q and A/Coaching calls with Csilla 
  • A clear path to help you become a highly confident speaker
  • Swipe files, tools and templates



  • Access to the Speak To Scale Method core curriculum 
  • Two Live Q and A/Coaching calls with Csilla 
  • A clear path to help you become a highly confident speaker
  • Swipe files, tools and templates
  • BONUS #1: The Strategic Speaker Workshop ($197 value)
  • BONUS #2: Access to Magnetic Messaging Made Simple Course ($297 value)