3 Powerful Ways Guest Speaking Can Grow Your Business

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One of the most often asked questions I get from people online or even my clients is:


“Can public speaking really grow one’s business?”


The answer is always the same… absolutely


In fact, it has been one of the most effective ways to not only set myself apart as a credible name in my niche but also sell out my services and paid programs.


In this article, I wanna show you how you can use speaking to exponentially grow your business. Read on and see how you can make public speaking to attract more clients possible to yourself + some tangible examples to inspire you!



This article is for you if:

  • You want to accelerate your visibility and business growth
  • You want to be strategic in how you go about your marketing
  • You want to establish yourself as a go-to name in your niche



3 Powerful Ways Guest Speaking Can Grow Your Business


 #1: It sets you apart as an expert 

The best way to persuade others of your expertise is to show them in action. Speaking offers a very unique opportunity for you to connect with and persuade others on the subjects you are an expert and authority on. 


Just think of the biggest names in your own industry. Most likely the ones that are the leading names are also the ones that appear on stage at the conferences or events you attend. Whether those events are online or offline.


When you speak to an audience you actively demonstrate your credibility and knowledge on a particular subject matter while connecting with an audience. Few things cement the idea of your expertise in the minds of others than your taking the time to develop and deliver your speeches and presentations.


#2: Makes you stand out faster

Your competition may or may not be speaking in front of your potential customers. In fact, I can tell you right now with almost 100% certainty that a lot of them are not. 


There’s a reason why public speaking made the list of top most phobias in the world. 


Most people are fearful of public speaking, which is great news for you. That makes it easier for you to stand out. 


Actively speaking at conferences, events and industry groups can be a strong differentiator for you and your brand. 


Your presence at these events puts you in front of 100’s of industry leaders, executives and decision-makers, and your potential clients. If your competition shies away from public speaking, this can be a strong opportunity for you. It can become the drive and fuel to the success of your brand and business.


#3 Way: Builds your email list

I think this is one step so many business owners underutilize and in my opinion it’s a big mistake. 


I’ve tried all the things in the marketing playbook taught by the big gurus. 


Show up consistently on social media, deliver constant value, have a content platform, have a funnel, collaborate with others, do FB ads, so on and so forth. And while all of those things are great and can really contribute to growing one's audience -- in my experience, nothing grows your platform and credibility faster than speaking on a specific topic in front of a group of people. 


In my experience, the fastest way to grow my email list and audience has always been with speaking on stages and presenting in front of an audience. Now, I do have to say that you have to have certain key elements in place in order to take full advantage of this business-generating step right here, but when you do, it’s quite magical. 

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Recap of 3 Powerful Ways Guest Speaking Can Grow Your Business Through Public Speaking:


#1: It sets you apart as an expert as speaking offers a very unique opportunity for you to connect with and persuade others on the subjects you are an expert and authority on. 


#2: It makes you stand out faster since most of your competition isn't doing public speaking right now.


#3: It will help you grow your email list. This is by far, the most effective and reliable marketing strategy for my business.



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