How to develop a speaking voice that commands attention and respect

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How do you speak so others listen?

How do you express yourself with confidence?

How do you use your voice, your greatest asset, to get your message across clearly?

And how do you make sure you have mastery over your voice so that when you do speak, people don’t tune you out or interrupt you?


All of these are possible when you learn to elevate your vocal presence so that you sound self-assured and successful!


Is it really possible to change the quality and presence of your speaking voice so that when you do speak you come across confident and calm?


This is for you if:

  • You’re wanting to feel confident any time you open your mouth to speak and share your ideas
  • You feel your vocal presence needs some improvement
  • You want to elevate your influence people by learning how to develop a voice presence that commands attention and respect



“The human voice is the organ of the soul.” -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Our emotions will show up in the words we say, how fast we speak them, the steadiness of our voice, and even the pitch and tone of our voice. 


✓ How you speak when you pitch yourself to a potential client

✓ How you speak at networking events

✓ How you speak when you deliver a presentation or an IG live video matters


Because your pattern of speech can predict the likelihood of your success in connecting and coming across as someone who is confident and reliable.


Can you really make changes that will transform how your voice sounds? 




It is possible to “sound like a success” just by making small changes in your everyday interactions and thoughts. In fact, to move to a higher level of success, it is absolutely essential. 


Success is determined not just by talent and hard work, but by your influence over others.


This influence comes from your ability to communicate your ideas, thoughts, concepts, trust, credibility, and warmth. 


Your first and most basic element to communication is your voice.


The most successful women speak differently. Their voice has a presence.


So, let’s start by getting your voice to a place where you feel empowered to communicate with more power and influence.


Something to remember: Your “vocal presence” is the quality of what others hear when you speak!


✨ Key takeaways:

  1. Your vocal presence can shape how others perceive you, what they believe about you, and ultimately if they should listen to you.

  2. Voice inflection, tone, and word speed all subconsciously communicate your insecurities or your authenticity.

  3. Your voice presence can be improved, mastered, and changed. You can develop a calmer, warmer, and more attractive voice. 


The very first step in changing the quality of your speaking voice is AWARENESS. 


Let's get you started on the journey to developing a more attractive and successful sounding voice by getting you to be aware of your speech pattern and voice presence. 


Follow the steps laid out for you below.


🎯 Here’s your DREAM to DONE action plan: 

☐ Pay attention to your voice when you speak! 

☐ Pay attention to what’s happening inside of you when you communicate in different settings.

☐ What physical responses do you notice in your body? Is your breathing more shallow? Do you tense up? Are you relaxed?

☐ How does it affect the tone, pitch, steadiness of your voice, or the speed of your words and speech? 



Make a LEGIT impact with your words!

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