How To Develop Your Brand Voice And Own It With Confidence

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If someone were to introduce you to an audience only using words, phrases and characteristics that are unique to your personal brand or business, would people know who the announcer was talking about?


If your logo didn’t appear next to your content or your face didn’t show up on the social media post, would your audience still be able to recognize the content was coming from your brand?


Could your brand be differentiated from any other brand in your niche or industry?



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Unless you are intentional about discovering and creating the brand voice you want people to immediately distinguish and recognize, it’s easy to end up with a random mixture of voices that can confuse your audience.


Having a consistent brand voice and vocabulary that is specific to you and your brand helps you with content creation and speaking your message effectively as well.


“Having a consistent brand voice and vocabulary that is specific to you and your brand helps you with content creation and speaking your message effectively as well."




1. HAVE A CLEAR PICTURE OF YOUR HOW: You want to start by taking a look at your current content and the message and feel it represents. I would encourage you to pull together your content from multiple angles and sources and take an honest look at it. Cast a critical eye on your current brand voice:

- Does your current voice represent what you want to project to your audience?

-Does it align with who you are?

-Does it feel genuine?

-Does it look professional?

-Are your words, phrases, topics, colors and even fonts consistent?



2. DESCRIBE YOUR BRAND IN 3 WORDS: Go back to the content you pulled in #1 and now look at it from the perspective of characteristics.

If your brand was a person, how would you describe it’s personality to another individual?

  1. You’ll want to write down all the themes and characteristics that you see emerging from looking at your content
  2.  Narrow it down to the top three. So what are your top three words?


Lets take my brand as an example -

My top 3 words are:

  1. Strategic: when people interact with me and my content I want them to feel like there’s always something tangible they can walk away with. Meaning they always learn a strategy. 
  2. Elegant: my brand voice is elegant so is the aesthetics that I create because to my ideal client elegance matters.
  3. Gracefully sassy: I want to be graceful in the way I deliver the content and the way I interact with each individual.


So any time I put new content out, I always ask myself: is this strategic (tangible), elegant and graceful? 

Now that you’ve come up with your own three words, I want you to take it a step further. Describe each word in more detail:

  1. Strategic - tangible, step by step, the how, action-oriented
  2. Elegant - poised, calm, classy, polished, chic
  3. Gracefully sassy - composed with a dose of silly, fun, not taking myself too seriously


3. CREATE A BRAND VOICE GRAPH ACCOUNT: This next step is my favorite part because this is where we can really take this whole idea of ‘brand voice’ home.

Once your top brand characteristics are defined, you want to go deeper by illustrating more concretely in your content how this voice actually shows up.

You want to create a ‘brand voice bank account’ filled with your words, phrases and sentences that you will use over and over again to talk about your brand.

This bank account or chart will ensure you are consistently using the same voice by being an essential reference tool that you can come back to at the beginning… until talking about your brand becomes as natural as breathing.



Voice characteristics: STRATEGIC

Description: I love teaching speaking skill through simple, tangible and easy to implement steps

Do:  Always be clear and concise when speaking. Use less but easy to understand words. Always have a clear objective and path you lead people on

Don’t: Be word vomiting. Be too wordy. Use wishy-washy language. Use complicated words in hopes you sound smarter


Repeat this process with all your top 3 brand words. This will not only help you get more clarity around your own brand voice but will put you on the path to separating yourself from the ocean of other brands.


4. {BONUS} REVISIT, RINSE AND REPEAT: Come back to this process frequently. Revisit, refine and rework if necessary. This is not a one and done deal. Really honing in on your brand voice and owning it with confidence is a journey. 

A beautiful journey that’s worth sticking with. And the more you stick with it the easier and more natural it will become. It will also help you speak about your company and biz with ease and in a way that really makes you stand out to your audience and potential customers.




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