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If you’ve been online or in the business world for more than a hot minute, you’ve probably heard the saying: “people need to know, like, and trust you before they want to do business with you.” 

I 100% agree with that. 

I personally cannot remember ever buying from someone (especially if it was a larger investment) who I didn’t at least somewhat knew, liked, and trusted.

One of the most often-asked questions I get from people following me on social media or watching this show is, “How do I get people to listen to me?” or something like:


  • How do I get my message heard? 
  • How can I make my voice stand out as a trustworthy guide in a noisy world? 
  • How do I get people to see me as a respect-worthy mentor?
  • How can I have people view me as an expert or authority in my niche?


I think what’s behind these questions is this one: How can I be taken seriously?

In order to be taken seriously by potential clients as well as peers, there are certain questions you need to be able to answer clearly. 

Questions that they are asking about you and your business before they decide whether they should trust you and work with you.

The good news is that these questions have almost nothing to do with you. They are mostly 100% focused on your audience - which should take the pressure off!

In today’s episode of the Speak to Scale Show, we’re going to take a look at why you need to be intentional about creating trust with your audience. Then we’ll discuss three 3 questions your audience IS asking about you before they decide whether they want to jump in.


This episode is for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to be seen as a respect-worthy mentor
  • Position yourself as an easily identifiable and credible voice in the noisy marketplace 
  • Have people view you as an expert or authority in your niche

So, what are the three questions your audience or potential clients are asking about you before they decide whether they want to learn from you or work with you?

Watch today’s Speak to Scale Show to find out!



Now, I’d love to hear from you. Out of the three questions I just shared with you, which one resonates with you and also are there any other questions you’d add to the list. Leave your comments below. I always come back to read your thoughts and ideas. It’s the highlight of my day!

Friend, I want to thank you for spending your last few minutes with me. I know your time is valuable and it means so much to me. I hope you walk away feeling it was more than worth your time.

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