How to build credibility using case studies with Melissa Harstine


How can you grow your influence with your audience? How can you develop the trust factor? And how can you build credibility with potential clients? 

In today’s episode, we are answering yet another question related to credibility and that’s the question of:

How can we establish authority using case studies and testimonials

I had the wonderful opportunity of chatting on this very topic with my friend and case study expert, Melissa Harstine and this how to know if this episode is for you: 

  • You want to know the difference between testimonials and case studies
  • You want to learn to leverage the power of both case studies and testimonials
  • You want to know where it is best to place your case studies and what’s the best way to use testimonials
  • And so much more, friends..

Grab your Airpods because there's a lot in store for you here: 

Today’s guest Melissa Harstine helps coaches, creatives, and consultants land next-level clients with customer-centric copy and case studies.

As a trained journalist, she leverages her research and interview superpowers to write killer copy that makes readers think, “Holy guacamole, did you secretly read my journal?!”. When she isn’t networking with a strong cup of coffee in hand, you can find her taste-testing a new Instapot recipe or blazing through a good book.

Find out more about Melissa by visiting

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