How To Choose What You Stink At


"Oh, I see you are keeping things simple this year. Good for you!" It was my sweet neighbor saying in the most gentle way possible, "your house looks nothing like Christmas."

There was no judgment in her voice but more of a surprise.

And she was right.

There were no decorations, no twinkling lights, or even a tree. And yes, it was December 23rd already.

My house looked dull, minimalistic, and boring, for sure. At the same time, I didn't care.

Because, at the time, I had two toddlers while I was also traveling to speak and sing at Christmas banquets and events on weekends.

My energy tank was running on low, and I had to decide what to bomb.

I couldn't do it all and do it well. That year I decided to stink at Christmas decorations.

That year, twinkling lights didn't matter.

Through some tough lessons, I've learned that I could pretty much do anything, but I can't do everything, at least not at the same time — timing matters.

So does knowing what your top priorities are in this season and choosing to let the other stuff go.

Perfectionism makes us believe that we can do it all.

I'm here to tell you; you can't.

You know this deep down, but part of you, the part that perhaps is driven by shame, still hopes that you are only a magic formula or app away from accomplishing it all.

I'm here to tell you there is no such app. I'm here to remind you that you not only can't get it all done, you probably won't have most of it done. I know, it sucks.

We hope against all the odds, but in reality, you only have two choices.

1. Attempt more than humanly possible and feel like a failure in the process.
2. Choose what you are going to stink at in order to succeed at something that actually matters.

Perfectionism will tell you every time to attempt option one.

In today's CAPTIVATE episode, I want to teach you how to choose option two! Before you listen in I want to make sure to remind you to grab the free resource that goes along with this episode. I've created a guide to help you clarify your priorities so you can focus on doing what matters most. Grab your copy at

Ok, don't let me hold you back any longer. Happy Listening! 

CAPTIVATE · S5E61: How To Choose What You Stink At

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