How to connect with your audience through stories

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This week we are back with another special Coffee Chat episode and my special returning guest is none other than the amazing Tonya Kubo.


As always, Tonya and I have no problem letting our hair down and have some serious fun but at the same time, if you’ve ever listened to us together you know that these episodes are also highly practical and packed with great information.


In this episode, Tonya and I discussed:

  • What both of us have been up to in the last month of our lives and businesses
  • How we use storytelling in our business to connect with our audience on a deeper level


We’ve also answered some questions submitted by listeners. Questions like:

  • Everyone I know is leaving Facebook, but they seem to go in different directions. What is the best channel to be on these days?
  • What's the difference between the new Facebook Pages experience and classic Pages?
  • Is it worth the time to invest into social media right now?
  • And much more …








As business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs, we have a major problem with being ignored. The posts we have spent hours writing are getting crickets from our online audience. Nobody's engaging with our live videos nor opting into our offers.


And this is on us.


Now, I know that I’m being blunt but the reality is that we are being ignored by most because our message is confusing.


I used to feel like I was shouting into a big void when it came having my message heard. This led me to burn out and almost giving up on my online business. Before you reach that point, I want to guide you into what I did 2 years ago: I scratched the 'marketing strategy' I had and dug deeper to the root of it all - my brand messaging.


I'm so excited to welcome you to the “Nail Your Brand Message” free masterclass and guide you in becoming a magnet to your dream clients!




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