How To Cultivate An Engaged Community On Social Media with Tonya Kubo

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The past year has been strange for all of us but it has been a booming year for the online industry with a whole lot of new online businesses starting to pop up.


You might be a startup online entrepreneur who's navigating her way in building her community or someone who's been in the industry for a while and you might be starting to worry that your voice might get drowned out in the crowd.


In this new podcast and (reoccurring!) talk show episode, Tonya Kubo, an online community leader & launch strategist, is joining me on this fun (yet informational) chat about carving your own corner in the big and bustling online business world, while also keeping a tight-knit online community like a rockstar.


Grab your AirPods, earbuds, whatever you have... and let's dive in.

In this episode, Tonya and I discussed:

  • how she still manages to stand out online despite the influx of online business during the pandemic and how she keeps her online community consistently growing
  • one simple way to keep our online community growing long-term
  • how there has to be a healthy balance between you being an ‘expert’ in your field, and how your true, authentic self plays an important role in boosting connection with your community
  • what makes people want to follow you or join your community + 4 reasons why people stick with you
  • Tonya’s practical tips on: creating content for Instagram, the truth about third-party apps in scheduling Instagram content, and if carousel posts are the best Instagram posts you could do these days






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