The 4 Crucial Elements Of Content That Converts

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Are you new to Instagram? Do you want to use social media to establish yourself as a credible leader or business owner? Do you struggle to know what type of content you should be creating? 


Perhaps you've been on Instagram for a while and you are just not seeing the results that you are hoping for. 


Maybe writing captions for your posts feels daunting? Or is too time-consuming because you don’t even know where to start?



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Real talk: When I first started using Instagram back in 2014 I had no clue what I was doing: I was focusing on all the wrong metrics (follower numbers and likes) and it showed. I was going nowhere really fast. 


It wasn't until the end of 2018 that I started to implement the strategies that I've learned as a speaker and presenter that I saw a huge increase in my engagement. 


Once I used those same strategies in making my presentations captivating, compelling, and converting on my captions and stories, suddenly people started to respond.


Spoiler alert: Instagram is no longer just pretty pictures

So much has changed since this platform has been invented. Instagram is like a giant networking party where you have this amazing opportunity to meet new individuals and start building relationships with them. 



But how do you get them to stop scrolling, pay attention and start engaging? How do you create content that compels people to want to follow you and talk back to you? What type of content should you be creating? 


Element #1: Elevate

You want to make sure that you inspire your readers in some way and help them feel motivated after reading your words. So, ask yourself as you are writing your caption: How can I motivate my audience today? What is something inspiring from my own experience that I can share with them?


Element #2: Entertain

You want to make sure that your post has the elements of curiosity and intrigue. The title of your caption or the first line of your copy should make people pause long enough to get pulled into the rest of your post. So, ask yourself this, “How can I excite, energize, or entertain my readers today? What would they find intriguing?”.


Element #3: Educate

Your audience comes to you for a specific reason: to have a problem solved in one specific area of their lives or business. You want to make sure that you educate them on overcoming that problem. Give them a small piece of advice or tool that can help make their lives easier. Teach on something that's relevant to your followers.


Element #4: Relevant 

More than anything your content has to be relevant to your person. It has to speak the language of your ideal follower and customer. 


When they read your words they have to go: “This is for me. I needed this today. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. This is a step I can implement right now.” 


Remember, you are not on Instagram to solve every problem. You are there to solve a specific problem for a specific person. So, any time you get ready to post something ask yourself the following question: “Will this resonate with my person? Will they find this relevant? Will they find it helpful? Is this something they need today?”


{BONUS} Element #5: Paid Offer 

If you are using Instagram to grow your business, your content has to have an element of selling. There’s no going around this. 


I will save this specific step for next week’s episode where we will take a deep dive into “What social media posts sell your offers.” - the  5 different post types I recommend to use for selling your offers and very tangible examples of what those posts look like in real life. 


I hope you are as excited about next week’s episode as I am!




The 4 crucial elements in creating highly-converting social media captions:

#1 ELEVATE: How can you motivate your audience today? What is something inspiring from your own experience that you can share with them?

#2 ENTERTAIN: How can you excite, energize, or entertain your readers today? What would they find intriguing?

#3 EDUCATE: What specific pain point in your person’s business you can help them solve today?

#4 RELEVANT: Will this resonate with your person? Will they find this relevant? Will they find it helpful? Is this something they need today?

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