The Anatomy of an Expert Virtual Speaker

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Virtual presentations. Whether you love them or hate them, they are here to stay. At least for now and in some shape or form for a good while.

Virtual presentations have always been hard. In my opinion, they are much harder than presenting in front of a live audience. Online audiences are more restless, distracted and can easily tune out since no one’s watching them.

But doing a virtual presentation from home is even harder — both presenters and audiences are dealing with all kinds of disruptions and hurdles. 

Keeping the attention of an audience just got harder.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 

In fact, a great speaker knows how to deliver a presentation online in such a way that really engages people on the other side of the screen and keeps their attention.

In today’s article, I want to share with you the top 7 keys to rocking your virtual presentation, interview or IG live like a seasoned expert speaker.


How to know if this article is for you:

  • You often have present and speak to virtual audiences, including your own

  • You want to maximize every virtual speaking opportunity

  • You want your audience to feel like showing up for a virtual presentation was worth their time



7 keys to rocking your virtual presentation, interview, or Instagram Live like a seasoned expert speaker


Key #1: Maintain eye contact

Making and keeping eye contact during a presentation is super important. Yes, even during a virtual presentation. But how do you do this effectively on camera? Make sure you look into the lens of your camera the entire time you are speaking. This will help engage with your audience and make them feel like they are your top priority.


Key #2: Apply vocal variety

One of the best ways to make your presentation stand out is by avoiding at all cost being monotone. Make sure you have certain words or sentences stand out by adding more volume, changing your pitch or pausing. Some sentences might also require you to either slow your speech or speed it up. The way I see it, it’s like a well delivered song. Some parts need you to “sing” quietly, while others might need you to belt some notes out in order to make your point.


Key #3: Share relevant stories

Ok, so if we’ve been hanging out with each other for a while you know how much I talk about storytelling. Stories are powerful and needed in every speech but especially in a virtual presentation. Stories will make your audience listen to you, remember the information you share and motivate your viewers into action. Want to stand out as a speaker? Make sure you incorporate relevant stories. And yes, I do mean it has to be relevant to the point you are trying to make.


Key #4: Be audience focused

An expert virtual speaker knows their audience. Make sure you take the time to do your research before you step in front of that camera. So many speakers make the mistake of either presenting a generic speech or making themself the focus of their presentation. Nothing will make you become forgettable faster than you trying to push your own agenda onto the audience. Take some time before you prepare your presentation to learn about the current situation your audience is in and what they need help with.

Key #5: Express with intention

Being intentional with how you use your body in a virtual environment is important. Using your hands, how you position your head or even your facial expressions can help your audience understand your message better and get the point you're making. So make sure you use your gestures on purpose. Add in variety to keep your audience paying attention.


Key #6: Maintain your posture

Whether you are delivering your online message standing or sitting down, keep this in mind. Posture MATTERS!! Not only to your audience but to you as well. When you sit or stand up straight you not only come across more confident to your audience but you also send a message to your subconscious which also boosts your confidence. Let’s not even talk about the fact that you will have more oxygen to use as you speak. It will make your voice resonate stronger which also creates more trust with your viewers.


Key #7: Ground your body

Again, whether you are standing up or sitting down, make sure you place your feet flat on the floor. Avoid swaying or rocking back and forth. This will make you look and feel more self-assured and grounded. 



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