Calling all fabulous online entrepreneurs and experts...

Ready To Nail Your Next Talk 

and become a magnet to your dream clients?

{Learn the #1 way I get amazing results in my business!}

In this FREE training I’ll show you my complete getting started strategy for growing a profitable business this year by doing the ONE thing that will accelerate your visibility & credibility more than anything... SPEAKING!


Calling all fabulous biz owners and consultants...

Here's How You Nail Your Next Talk 

and become a magnet to your dream clients! 

{Learn the #1 way I get amazing results with speaking!}

In this FREE masterclass I’ll show you my complete getting started strategy for growing a profitable business this year by doing the ONE thing that will accelerate your visibility & credibility more than anything...  SPEAKING!


In this practical training you'll learn:

The ONE thing that is killing your visibility and business growth ... and you may not even realize it! And how to fix the mistake 90% biz owners and brands make.

How to get your message heard and scale your biz, faster - WITHOUT spending COUNTLESS hours on social media or cold-calling (CUE THE CONFETTI).

My proven system to creating, delivering and magnifying any talk and guest appearance. I'll show you the replicable framework for creating presentations that yes, entertain, convert AND MAKE MORE SALES.

"Csilla is the queen of clear communication"

"Before working with Csilla I didn't really know how to talk about my business and what I do. She really helped me clarify my elevator pitch and know exactly what I should say when I talk about my business. Csilla really is the queen of clear communication and the best teacher I've seen in a long time." - Darla Morrison, Founder of The Lioness Summit

"The best coach I had..."

"As a motivational speaker, I knew I needed to get a clear understanding of what my message is and how to communicate that consistently through all my platforms online. Csilla helped me write a captivating intro video script for my website as well as create my speaker page. As a result, I was able to confidently start pitching myself to virtual stages and events. She is the best coach I had so far." - Machelle Wells, Motivational Speaker

Hey hey fabulous, I'm Csilla!

You know those captivating presenters you watch in 'awe' who deliver a webinar or a talk and people sprint to join their programs or work with them? ... I help you become one of them.

How? By turning you into a world-class communicator that can CAPTIVATE and CONVERT on any stage when she speaks. 

Here's the thing, while I always loved singing and performing I had absolutely NO desire to become a speaker or presenter  ...

but after starting my own brand I quickly realized that in order to build a lasting and highly lucrative biz I needed to learn the skill of SPEAKING to INFLUENCE. I needed to become a better messenger of my company.

I also uncovered that knowing how to share an idea, clearly communicate my brand message, craft stellar talks and deliver them in a powerful way are ALL learnable skills. 

Even the most magnetic speakers and big household communicators SUCKED at first. They too had to learn and hone their speaking skills.

You might not earn $100,000 per hour like Tony Robbins does (although even that is possible) ... BUT what if this one skill could help you make an extra $100,000 per year? 

What about an extra $50,000 per year?

What would that mean for your business and for your family?

If you are ready to make 2021 the year you take your message & services to bigger stages, more podcasts and virtual summits to grow your visibility, credibility and bank account 

then I'm excited to show you how this is all possible.

XOXO, Csilla